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Computer and Internet Use Policy

Public internet access

  • Registered library members (including non-resident members).  Please note: Junior members must have parental permission (i.e. a signed form letter), and all members must be in good standing (i.e. no overdue books or fines owing);
  • Visitors for quick e-mail recovery; and
  • Individuals from non-participating municipalities, for a $2.00 charge per 1-hour booking.

Acceptable Use

  • Research, quick reference, word processing, e-mail with personal accounts.

Unacceptable Use

  • Computer games.
  • Sending, receiving or displaying offensive or illegal materials in graphic or chat format.
  • Redistributing a copyrighted programs or material without the express written permission of the owner.
  • Installing software or downloading shareware and freeware onto the computer’s hard drive.


  • Use is booked in one hour or ½ hour time slots (can be extended if time slots available).
  • Library members can book by phone or walk in, as available.
  • Visitors or people from non-participating municipalities walk in as available.

Printing Charges

  • 25 cents per page – black and white
  • 50 cents per half page – colour
  • $1.00 per full page – colour