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Library Donations

The Parkland Regional Library will accept donations of books on the condition that the library has the right to use the donations in the manner it deems in the best interest of the library as a whole. Therefore, donations may be (a) kept by the library system, (b) turned over to organizations holding book sales, or (c) discarded.

Donations meeting the criteria shall be evaluated by headquarters to establish their worth for retention, distribution, or discard. Donations become part of the regional rotating collection except for special items of local interest which may be left in a branch on a permanent basis.

Donations must meet the following criteria


  • Hardcover fiction & non-fiction : 5 years old or less
  • Paperbacks : 3 years old or less


Regardless of age, books must be

  • clean
  • unmarked
  • non-moldy or musty
  • in generally good appearance

Items not accepted

  • Readers Digest
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Records/Tapes, VHS