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Website Preferences Tool

Visitors to the Library website can change the look of the page presentation according to their reading preferences and needs. These changes can help someone with vision challenges to improve their reading experience.

What is the tool for?

Applying visual changes to a page can be helpful for readers with different forms of vision needs:
  • Increasing text size and line spacing, or changing the font, will assist in clarity and legibility.
  • Changing the presentation to a high contrast attempts to remove any other colours from the page, along with gradients, shadows, background images, and other styling that may reduce legibility.
  • Revealing the page’s Table of Contents (defined by the content headers) will assist a reader in navigating the information on the page.
  • Enhancing active elements such as links and form inputs will also help identify page elements for the reader.

Using the Preferences Tool

  • Click on the show preferences tab in the upper right corner of the page (you may need to scroll up to make it visible). Screenshot to show where to find the Website Preferences Tool in the upper right corner of the website page.
  • Adjust the controls in the panel that opens. Changes will appear immediately.