Patron Privacy Protection Policy

Last Updated 2018/07/05

  I.    Collection of Information 1.    The library will collect personal information, about a user, that is necessary for the proper administration of the library and the provision of library services. 2.    Personal information for junior members will have been supplied by a parent or legal guardian. 3.    The information, supplied by a patron when

Loan Periods & Fines

Last Updated 2018/07/05

  A.    Types of memberships 1.    Adult membership: 14 and over.  All materials in the library may be borrowed including books, magazines, DVDs and elm downloadable audio books.  Internet access is available in the library. 2.    Junior membership: 13 and under.  All non-fiction books (adult and junior), all junior and young adult fiction, junior and

Library Policies

Last Updated 2018/08/15

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