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Loan Periods & Fines


A.    Types of memberships
1.    Adult membership: 14 and over.  All materials in the library may be borrowed including books, magazines, DVDs and elm downloadable audio books.  Internet access is available in the library.
2.    Junior membership: 13 and under.  All non-fiction books (adult and junior), all junior and young adult fiction, junior and young adult paperbacks, elm downloadable audio books may be borrowed.

B.    Items available for loan
1.    Fiction and non-fiction books, children’s picture books
2.    Paperback books
3.    elm downloadable audio books
4.    Magazines (at most branches)
5.    DVDs

C.    Loan period
1.    DVDs – 1 week
2.    Audio books – 2 weeks
3.    Magazine – 2 weeks
4.    High demand books – 2 weeks
5.    Adult and junior books, hardcover and paperback – 4 weeks

D.    Number of items for loan to a member
1.    In total 30 items
2.    Up to 3 DVDs
3.    Up to 10 audio books

E.    Fines and charges
1.    $0.30 per day for adults overdue books up to the value of the book
2.    $0.20 per day for junior overdue books up to the value of the book
3.    $2.00 per day for DVDs up to the value of the DVD
4.    Value of the item for lost, damaged or defaced materials